Wow. Korra’s Book 3 finale. Wow. I was still a little on the fence about this season but the finale won me over and then some. This shot in particular is stuck in my head. Partly because it put Korra in such a vulnerable position; it was uncomfortable to draw. But also because there was this undertone that everyone else in the room were the real people who should be worried. Also, I promise I don’t try to draw into the footer of my work pad, it just kinda happens.

Ugh, chin to big, same with the eyes. I was trying to sketch quicker and loser than normal but other than the ear and maybe left eye, not a big fan of this one.

Just a little medical illustration. (hint: that’s inside an eye)

Courtesy of an hour long benefits meeting

Went to a CAC performance where they encouraged the audience to paint while the improved music. It was really fantastic. Thanks Chas for making me go!

Hat for #PubProwl2014